Building Healthy Communities Through Socially Responsible Investment

Boston Community Capital (BCC) is a community development financial institution whose mission is to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work. We accomplish this mission by investing in projects that provide affordable housing, good jobs, and new opportunities in low-income communities, connecting these neighborhoods to the mainstream economy.

Since 1985, BCC has invested more than $920 million to support organizations and businesses that benefit underserved communities.  Our loans and investments have helped:

  • Build or preserve over 14,800 units of affordable housing
  • Support child care facilities serving over 9,800 children
  • Finance schools and youth programs serving over 3,700 low-income students
  • Health care facilities providing a comprehensive range of care to over 66,000 patients
  • Renovate over 1.5 million square feet of commercial real estate and community facilities in distressed communities
  • Create more than 4,000 jobs in low-income communities
  • Generate over 9.6 million kilowatt hours of solar energy
  • Provide fixed-rate mortgages that have allowed over 425 families facing foreclosure to remain in their homes.

BCC and Affiliates

BCC and our affiliates provide a wide range of debt and equity products for low-income communities and individuals and for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.  Boston Community Capital, as the holding company for the BCC organization, provides strategic and management direction for the overall organization, carries out our public policy work, and oversees the development of new initiatives. BCC  is comprised of :

  • Boston Community Loan Fund (BCLF), which lends money to community projects such as affordable housing, child care facilities, schools, youth programs and community facilities.
  • Boston Community Venture Fund (BCVF), which makes equity investments in businesses that create jobs or provide services for LICs.  
  • Boston Community Managed Assets (BCMA), which develops our new business initiatives and innovative funding vehicles for low-income individuals and communities.
  • Aura Mortgage Advisors (Aura), which, as a licensed mortgage lender, helps people understand the mortgage process and own homes they can afford.
  • NSP Residential (NSP), which develops and implements real estate and mortgage loan acquisition strategies aimed at stabilizing communities threatened by the foreclosure crisis.
  • Solar Energy Advantage (SEA),which evaluates and finances energy conservation & renewable energy improvements in existing multifamily properties.
  • BCC NMTC CDE LLCs I-XXIII, which serve as investment vehicles for our New Markets Tax Credit program.
Boston Community Capital
56 Warren Street
Boston, MA 02119-3236
Phone: 617.427.8600