Venture Fund

Boston Community Venture Fund (BCVF) invests at the intersection of strong community values and solid business practices. As an organization founded on the conviction that financial return and social return need not be mutually exclusive, we're proving that investment in growth-oriented local businesses can be both a sound financial proposition and an effective way to build stronger communities.

BCVF is a leading community development venture capital fund that invests throughout the Northeast, providing equity investments in high-potential businesses that create a "double bottom-line" of financial and social returns. We view job creation as a primary indicator of social return but also invest in businesses that provide quality goods and services to lower-income communities or other disadvantaged populations, enhance the stability of lower-income or rural neighborhoods, or are women or minority-owned business enterprises. In addition, we seek companies that produce products that enhance the environment or reduce pollution.

Boston Community Capital
56 Warren Street
Boston, MA 02119-3236
Phone: 617.427.8600