Foreclosure Relief

Foreclosure is an ugly word. Eviction is even uglier.  People lose their homes and their life savings.  Families find themselves on the street.  And blocks of suddenly vacant houses threaten hard-won neighborhood stability.

BCC is partnering with community advocates, legal aid organizations and low-income residents to keep foreclosed homeowners and tenants in their homes—with fixed-rate mortgages they can afford.

Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods (SUN) Initiative

The Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods (SUN) Initiative works to prevent the displacement of families and the neighborhood destabilizing effects of vacancy and abandonment by acquiring foreclosed properties before evictions occur and reselling them to their existing occupants with mortgages they can afford.  Launched in late 2009, SUN has prevented the eviction of over 400 Massachusetts residents, helping homeowners and tenants facing eviction reduce their monthly housing payments by more than 40%.

Learn more about the SUN Initiative

NSP Residential

NSP Residential is a real estate company focused on developing and implementing a wide range of traditional, innovative and flexible real estate and mortgage loan acquisition strategies aimed at stabilizing communities threatened by the foreclosure crisis. 

Aura Mortgage Advisors

Aura Mortgage is licensed as a Mortgage Lender in the State of Massachusetts dedicated to helping people understand the mortgage process and own a home they can afford.  (MA Licensed Lender:  MC23467;  NMLS # 23467).

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